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Three weeks after the opening of the world’s newest airport, Al Maktoum, which serves the huge enterprise zone of Dubai World Central, things are already looking good.
Today saw the low key opening of Al Maktoum International Airport with the first commercial passenger flight to land there, courtesy of Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air.


Travelling with ChildrenWith the airport not fully completed, facilities are not as good as they’ll be when Al Maktoum is up to full operational capacity but that doesn’t mean that you’ll find travelling with your children a frustrating experience. Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions;

I’ll be travelling with my baby, what facilities does the airport have?

There are dedicated facilities for baby changing at the airport and they’re kept spotlessly clean. Some of the restaurants offer baby food if you don’t have enough with you or will offer to heat your own if necessary. The convenience food outlet at the airport also stocks a limited range of baby food.

My toddler’s into everything, will he be safe walking around?

The airport is very quiet at the moment and there’s plenty of space so it’s unlikely he’ll get lost or trampled. The airport has been constructed with health and safety very much in mind and if he wants to touch or explore, he should be able to do so safely under your watchful eye.

My kids are 7 and 11 and get easily bored, what can they do to keep themselves occupied?

There’s plenty for youngsters to do at the airport. Currently there are no play facilities in place at the airport but they’re expected any day now so you’ll be able to send them off and then head to the shops in peace. Many of the shops sell fabulous items and kids going through the airports are mesmerised by the expensive cars on show, the jewellery but the highlight for young ones is the toy store - a great place to help them write wish lists for birthdays or Christmas – many of the toys on offer haven’t made it to UK shops yet and so they’ll be fascinated and very excited.

Food won’t be a problem and several of their favourite fast food outlets are represented at the airport. The ubiquitous McDonalds has a small play area for when they’ve finished their burgers or nuggets and other restaurants offer themed experiences with special menus for the little ones.

Anything I should remember?

It’s always a good idea to suggest the kids pack a toy or a book or electronic game. I-pads and i-pods to while away the hours after all there’s only so much fun to be had at an airport. Whilst delays are uncommon due to the limited services at present, you can never rule one out and like any airport, it pays to be prepared when travelling with children.